What is Safe Space About?

Hello, and thank you for your interest in Safe Space! 

I created Safe Space as a resource for women who needed perspective and healing due to the destructive impacts of a romantic relationship. 

Having experienced an intensely destructive and confusing marriage, I know how overwhelming, frightening, and heartbreaking it can be.  I left that marriage terrified, disoriented, and very, very broken.  It took me a long time to put a lot of the pieces together- pieces that allowed me to not only make sense of the reality of what I had experienced, but also feel like I was healing personally.  

Through my professional work and personal life, I have since come into contact with so many other courageous and beautiful women whose lives have been turned upside down by destructive relationships. And I am amazed (and saddened) by how many of us there are! 

Every relationship and every individual is different, and experiencing destructive and confusing patterns in a relationship covers a tremendous breadth of lived experiences.  That is why Safe Space is designed to empower women through teaching principles, providing tools, and also empowering women to see what is true—for themselves; to take back ownership of their own lives through engaging with their agency and sense of personal power (and often that sense personal power needs a bit of a boost, it’s OK if you aren’t feeling it). 

Safe Space will not tell you what to do in your relationship.  It will lay out principles and patterns to help improve your awareness.  It will help you differentiate between what healthy looks like, and destructive patterns to you and your relationship that need to be addressed.  And it will give you tools to address them.  Your life is your own- you are capable of captaining it.  But you are not alone in navigating troubled waters.  I want to help you in navigating your own personal storm.  You are enough, and you are stronger than you know.

We, women, need each other. And the world needs what we bring to it. And your unique gifts and light are so desperately needed in our world today.  You are here for a reason.  And you are sufficient for this challenge.

My deepest admiration for your courage and your goodness,


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The Study

This is a great place to start your journey!  The Study begins by introducing principles and ideas for identifying patterns in your own relationship and provides worksheets and instruction to walk you through that process. 

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The Kitchen

The Kitchen represents the Physical domain.  We will help you develop or fine tune your own Self Care plan and understand why it is so important.  We also explore the unhealthy dynamics of intimidation and threat, and what to do about it.  Safety Planning is an important part of this space, if there are any concerns at all about physical safety. 


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The Bedroom

The Bedroom represents the sexual domain.  Therein we explore principles of healthy intimacy and sexuality, as well as various forms of unhealthy sexual dynamics.  This is an important place to allow plenty of space for yourself to feel and learn if you have experienced any form of those unhealthy dynamics, and so we also have a section on fostering healthy intimacy and sexuality to help you move into healthier ways of being in this domain. 


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The Office

The Office represents the Financial Domain.  Here we celebrate your goals and aspirations and ask you to explore them!  We also explore what it can look like when there is Financial Abuse in the relationship. 

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The Chapel

The Chapel represents the Spiritual domain.  In addition to understanding and identifying spiritually abusive patterns if they exist, we hope this space allows you to explore alternative meanings behind spiritual and religious ideas if you have had religious ideas misused, or used against you, in your past. 


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The Bathroom

The Bathroom represents the Emotional and Relational Domains.  Here you will work on your own relationship with yourself, as well as delve more deeply into identifying healthy versus unhealthy relationship expectations and patterns. 


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The Gym

The Gym focuses on action and implementation!  We discuss a lot of actions you can take right away to empower yourself, as well as help you in your communication and setting boundaries.

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The Zen Garden

The Zen Garden is so fun! It is all about understanding and improving your own internal responses.  We have grounding exercises, somatic exercises, guided imagery, meditations and…. (drum role please)…. some incredible Yin Yoga practices by a very talented and truly caring instructor!  


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