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Safe Space was created by Kimberly Day, LMHC, CCPS to support women who are experiencing, and who are healing from, destructive and confusing patterns in their relationships. 

Based on real life experiences and therapy practices, content was created to educate women and to encourage them in becoming more discerning of what is true in their relationships, and more empowered in their personal choices. Other therapists, coaches and professionals have contributed content designed to support women in many different ways as they navigate their course forward. 

Goals of Safe Space

  1. To Build up women to be more discerning of what is true in their relationships and more empowered in their choices
  2. To Build more awareness around the cultural values that maintain and promote the exploitation of women in relationships and to advocate for change
  3. To Promote healthier relationships with self and others through courage, compassion, and integrity

Safe Space is set up like an ‘Inn’ or a Peaceful retreat, with various rooms focusing on the different domains of well-being

This is a great place to start your journey!  This room begins by introducing principles and ideas for identifying patterns in your own relationship and provides worksheets and instruction to walk you through that process. 

The Kitchen represents the Physical domain.  We will help you develop or fine tune your own Self Care plan and understand why it is so important.  We also explore the unhealthy dynamics of intimidation and threat, and what to do about it.  Safety Planning is an important part of this space, if there are any concerns at all about physical safety. 

The bedroom represents the sexual domain.  Therein we explore principles of healthy intimacy and sexuality, as well as various forms of unhealthy sexual dynamics.  This is an important place to allow plenty of space for yourself to feel and learn if you have experienced any form of those unhealthy dynamics, and so we also have a section on fostering healthy intimacy and sexuality to help you move into healthier ways of being in this domain. 

The Office represents the Financial Domain.  Here we celebrate your goals and aspirations and ask you to explore them!  We also explore what it can look like when there is Financial Abuse in the relationship. 

The Chapel represents the Spiritual domain.  In addition to understanding and identifying spiritually abusive patterns if they exist, we hope this space allows you to explore alternative meanings behind spiritual and religious ideas if you have had religious ideas misused, or used against you, in your past. 

The Bathroom represents the Emotional and Relational Domains.  Here you will work on your own relationship with yourself, as well as delve more deeply into identifying healthy versus unhealthy relationship expectations and patterns. 


This room focused on action and implementation!  We discuss a lot of actions you can take right away to empower yourself, as well as help you in your communication and setting boundaries. 

This room is designed to foster a sense of connection and to build your confidence that you are not in this alone.  Here you can get to know the contributors of Safe Space a bit better, as well being about to connect with and join conversations with other members of Safe Space.  You can also learn from and enjoy the “little wins” you and others are having as we celebrate each other’s successes. 

This room is so fun!  It is all about understanding and improving your own internal responses.  We have grounding exercises, somatic exercises, guided imageries, meditations and…. (drum role please)…. some incredible Yin Yoga practices by a very talented and truly caring instructor!  

The gallery is designed to encourage women to express their voice and represent their lived experience through creation.  You can “tour” the Gallery to see what others have created to express themselves.  What do you resonate with?  What pieces mirror your own experience?  Have you also felt, or experienced, what the artist is capturing?  You can also submit their own artistic creations, whether it is music, art, poetry, dance videos, etc.- to share with others. 

Take our Mini-Assessment

We’ve made this mini-assessment to offer a suggestion of which room(s) you may wish to begin exploring, based on your own current situation, or the relationship dynamics you hope to get clarity on. There is so much content it can be hard to know where to start!     

Made up of 27 questions, this mini-assessment is a shorter version of Kim’s Relationship Assessment to help women recognize specific parts of their life and relationship that could improve.

The full assessment is a lengthier and much more in-depth assessment, and can be purchased with a 1.5 hour one on one assessment review consultation with a clinician, or with our next group session of the Unhealthy Relationship Dynamics Assessment and class. 

Where do I start? Mini Assessment

My partner sometimes scares me by coming too close, yelling, or swearing at me

My partner makes frightening or intimidating statements to get me to do what he/she wants

My partner has threatened (or implied a threat) to myself or others I care for (including pets)

My partner has intentionally destroyed my things or threatened to do so

I feel coerced by my partner to have sex even when he or she knows I do not want to

I have sex with my partner when I do not want to, to avoid his/her anger, silent treatment, resentment, or other form of "punishment"

My partner does not care about my comfort or experience during sex

I am criticized or devalued by my partner for my sexuality, lack of sexuality, or sexual "performance"

My partner uses what he/she knows I hold sacred in order to get me to do what he/she wants

My partner twists religious doctrines or ideas to try to manipulate me

My partner uses spiritual or religious argument to suggest my feelings are bad or wrong

My partner uses scripture and/or doctrine to try to make me feel bad, sinful, or worthless

My partner has limited or blocked my access to financial resources

My partner controls the money I make or my ability to make money

My partner restricts my ability to pursue my work or educational goals

My partner discourages me from, or makes it difficult for me to pursue work or a career

I feel my partner uses my commitment to the relationship to manipulate me

My partner threatens to (or implies he/she will) leave if I do not do as he/she wants

My partner withholds his/her approval and affection to get me to do what he/she wants

My partner's feelings always or almost always take precedent over mine

My partner gets highly reactive if I disagree with him/her even when I do so respectfully

My ideas or opinions are attacked

My partner regularly interrupts me when I am talking

I don't feel like I can trust my partner

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*Safe Space is not intended to replace healthcare or therapy

Full Assessment

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